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Indira Soundar Rajan Novels

Indira Soundar rajan novels

Indira SoundarRajan Novels Free Download

Indira SoundarRajan Novels Free Download

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  • bhagirathi -

    Thank you Vijay for your wonderful service..

    I need Ramanichandran novel “Manae Manae” , “Vikrama Vikrama” and “sivaragasiyam” by Indrasoundrajan Sir

  • Ali -

    Admin / Vijay, Could you please upload or share – Indira’s “Aindhu Vazhi Moondru Vaasal” novel?
    If any one have this, help Admin to upload this.

  • karthikmasa -

    நண்பரே அருமையன பதிவுகள் வாழ்த்துகள்.keep it up….karthik.

  • Deepa -

    Great job hats off to you admin please upload more of indira soundarrajans novel I love in abroad and your site only makes me feel at home god bless you

  • Visweswaran B Narayanasamy -

    May I know which the novel written by Indira SoundarRajan that was made into a serial Sivarahasyam on Zee Tamil channel but dropped…I doubt itto be Mahadeva Rahasyam…Am I right…? 🙂

  • Varun Jayaraman -

    Hi frnds.. i have some of indra soundrarrajansnovels in pdf. i guess u ll need them. i don’t know how to upload it. can anyone help me to upload them???

  • Rajalakshmi shankar -

    Hi,i was watching sivarasiyam on youtube.it was stopped after 150episodes.want to read the novel how can i downloadit.also kotaipurathuveedu was also not onyoutube. How do idownload both novels?whats the link.i will be happy ifyoucan pl tell me?

  • Thiruvenkatesh -

    I want to know name of the novel by indhra soundharajan, the starting of the novel is a guy visits his native village, he is a atheist, he fell in love with his uncle’s daughter, can anyone tell message me the name of the name of the novel?

  • Aruna -

    Hi, I want to know the name of the novel and author which I read long time back. The story deals with the second marriage between hero and heroine who are widowers. Hero has a daughter and his wife died in an accident. Heroine has a son and her husband (bad guy) committed suicide. Hero tries to make it happen.

  • Aruna -

    I am searching for the name and author of the novel which I read sometime back. The story deals with the second marriage between two widowers. Hero has a daughter and his wife died in an accident. Heroine, married to a wrong guy, who has committed suicide, has a son.
    Can anyone please tell me the name of the novel/ author? Thanks…

  • R.Vishnuprakash -

    Muthal kanni, irandam kanni, mundram kanni,intham kanni, aaram kanni, yelam kanni… Ithula oru pathivu kuda ilaiye… Antha novel um arumaiya irukum mudinja Alavuku muyarchi pani paarunga

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